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Arizona 6170 XTS

Writing Technology
  • Piezoelectric inkjet using VariaDot grayscale imaging technology
  • 6 x 636 nozzle printheads per channel, 7 colour channels, 26,712 nozzles in total
  • IJC261 or IJC262 UV curable inks
  • Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Light Cyan, Light Magenta in 3 liter, quick-exchange pouches
  • White in a 2 liter, quick-exchange pouch
  • True flatbed architecture designed and build for optimized printing on rigid or sheet media or objects
Print Speed & Resolution  
Print Speed
  • Express Mode up to 155 m2/hr at 33 boards (122 x 244cm) per hour
  • Production Mode up to 100 m2/hr at 24 boards (122 x 244cm) per hour
  • Quality Mode up to 72 m2/hr at 18 boards (122 x 244cm) per hour
Resolution 6-42 picolitres resulting in near-photographic image quality and perfect 6-pt text
Rigid Media Size 250cm (W) x 305cm (L) x 50.8mm (T)
Rigid Media Printing Width 2.51 x 3.06m, edge-to-edge printing (full bleed)
Media weight Up to 34 kg/m2
mediaguide.oce.com Visit our online guide to find the right media for your printer and application, including matching colour profiles
Pin Registration
Number and Placement 5 pins per vacuum zone / 10 pins in total
Media size range for pin support 60 x 80cm – 250 x 305cm
Image Processing and Connectivity  
Image Processing ONYX® Thrive V19.0 or greater
Connectivity 100 / 1000 BaseT
Operational Environment and Dimensions  
  • Three-phase, 200-240 VAC 50/60Hz 30A (Delta) OR
  • Three-phase, 347-415 VAC 50/60Hz 20A (Wye)
Operating Environment
  • Temperature: 18˚C to 30˚C
  • RH: 30-70%, non-condensing (certain media may require a smaller RH operating range)
Room Ventilation See Site Preparation Manual for details.
Operating Altitude 2000m
Compressed Air (Supplied by customer) Flow requirements:
  • Maximum pressure: 120 psi / 827 kPa
  • Peak flow: 340 l/m at 100 psi / 690 kPa
  • Continuous flow: 28 l/m at 100 psi / 690 kPa
  • Printer only: 5.72 x 4.82  x 1.48m; 1,815kg, uncrated 
  • Table height range (Min/Max): 0.895 – 0.915m
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