Large format printer bundled software


    ImagePROGRAF Print Driver

    Wide range of print driver functions allows you to precisely control the look of the finished product.

    • Easy Settings: Just select the setting for your purpose.
      15 printer settings - for digital camera photographs, posters, CAD (line drawing), etc - can be called up at a single click. It's easy to add settings and edit existing settings. The graphical preview screen allows you to easily confirm the print size, position and orientation of the design before actual printing.
    • Advanced Settings: Make a print reflect your vision.
      Professionals will appreciate the versatility of Advanced Settings. The detailed preferences allow your vision to be reflected directly in your prints.
    • Colour imageRUNNER Enlargement Copy. As easy to produce as copies.
      Place any document up to A3 size on your Colour imageRUNNER, press the start button and the imagePROGRAF will make beautiful enlargements. No special software required. The imagePROGRAF Printer Driver handles the work.
    • Free Layout. For layout of data from a wide range of software.
      From Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, Adobe Acrobat and other popular applications, you can import selected pages, edit and make a layout in a single large sheet using print images (metafiles), just use the usual operations of your software to move, align, enlarge/reduce and rotate objects. Creating posters could hardly be easier.


    ImagePROGRAF Print Plug-In for Photoshop

    Directly export Adobe Photoshop image data to the imagePROGRAF.

    • 16-bit RGB images processed in Adobe Photoshop can be directly exported to the imagePROGRAF. The broad colour gamut and smooth gradation is retained, and printing is easy. In addition to offering colour adjustments, the preview function helps to guarantee optimal printing results. For Adobe Photoshop users, this large-format printing environment is a true breakthrough.


    ImagePROGRAF Print Plug-In for Digital Photo Professional

    Print RAW image data with the imagePROGRAF.

    • For EOS DIGITAL camera users, a new plug-in allows images to be exported directly from the camera's Digital Photo Professional (version 2.1) software to the imagePROGRAF. This enables professional-quality prints that take advantage of the EOS camera's large colour gamut. Brightness, white balance, picture style, and other adjustments made by the photographer in the Digital Photo Professional software are retained, ensuring that prints reflect the photographer's vision.



    • PosterArtist: No need for special skills. Anybody can easily create professional-quality posters.
      • Wide selection of smartly designed templates.
        Around 200 templates covering many fields including distribution, retail, restaurant, education and offices are available. For easy selection, the templates are sorted by index.
      • Four simple steps for creating a professional-quality poster.
        1. Select a template: Around 200 templates designed for various fields and areas of business are available.
        2. Select poster format: Select the media type, size and orientation
        3. Customize poster: Select from our large collection of photos, clip art, or import your own digital camera photo data, for your design. Perform editing right on the screen.
        4. Print: Print your poster. Since the imagePROGRAF is interlinked with Printer Driver, the previously bothersome setup required for oversize banner printing and borderless printing is now handled through simple setup in PosterArtist.
      • Page Capture. Import data from frequently used applications into a poster that you design. Any desired Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint page can be imported as a printable image in PosterArtist and included in your layout. Easily create prefect posters for company bulletin boards and poster sessions.
    • ImagePROGRAF Digital Photo Print Pro: Special image editing software for digital photo data.
      • This software allows digital photo data to be edited more easily. One-touch adjustments include moirĂ© removal, skin tone enhancement, backlight correction and more. The soft proof function helps you to ensure that your colour prints match what you see on the display. With Digital Photo Professional, you can easily work with RAW data. Multiple screen layouts and a calendar feature further expand the world of large-format printing.
    • ImagePROGRAF HDI Driver: Special support for CAD applications.
      • An exclusive driver is provided for AutoCAS/AutoCAD LT. The imagePROGRAF HDI driver offers the same printing environment as regular HDI/ADI drivers, allowing you to work in the printing environment to which your are accustomed.